Translingual Dispositions

We are very pleased to announce that Translingual Dispositions: The Affordances of Globalized Approaches to the Teaching of Writing is under contract with The WAC Clearinghouse International Exchanges on the Study of Writing Series.

We thank all of our wonderful contributors! TOC below:

Suzanne Blum Malley, Alanna Frost, & Julia Kiernan —  Introduction to Translingual Dispositions: The Affordances of Globalized Approaches to the Teaching of Writing

  1. Nancy Bou Ayash — Developing Translingual Language Representations: Implications for Writing Pedagogy.
  2. Shireen Campbell, Rebeca Fernandez, & Kyosung Koo — Artifacts and their Agents: Translingual Perspectives on Composing Processes and Outputs.
  3. Lilian W. Mina and Tony Cimasko — Expectations, Mismatches, and Translingual Dispositions in Teaching Multilingual Students.
  4. Yu-Kyung Kang — Translingual Approaches at the “Global” University: Implementing the Single-Language Writing Group.
  5. Thomas Lavelle & Maria Ågren — Translingual Pedagogy and Anglophone Writing Instruction in a Swedish Department of History.
  6. John Ruiters –Dialogic Knowledge-building in a Multilingual Peer-feedback Discussion Forum (South Africa)
  7. Kevin Roozen — Mapping Translingual Literacies: Encouraging and Enacting Transnational Perspectives of Literate Life (U.S.)
  8. Marylou Gramm — Dialogic Openings for Recreating English.
  9. Santosh Khadka — Possibilities of a Multiliterate Composition Pedagogy in a Globalized Writing Classroom
  10. Zsuzsanna Bacsa Palmer — Expressions of Monolingual Ideology and Translingual Practice in an Online International Collaboration Project
  11. Rula Baalbaki, Juheina Fakhreddine, Malaki Khoury, & Souha Riman — Arabic, as a Home Language, Acts as a Resource in an English Writing Class: Borrowing Translation Strategies in a First Year Writing Course  282
  12. Ligia Mihut — Enacting Linguistic Justice: Transnational Scholars as Advocates for Pedagogical Change
  13. Evgenia Gulyaeva — Complexities of Global English: A Lexical Analysis
  14. Bruce Horner — Afterword